Khandakar Abdul Kader is a fish farmer of the Pashchim Khatura Kathi, Ek Number Rai Pasha Korapur Union of Barisal Sadar Upazila of District Barisal. He is involved with the USAID Agricultural Extension Support Activity and has received several training on fish cultivation covering different techniques and technologies on appropriate cultivation of fish, including pond preparation, feeding techniques and disease management of the fish.

What amazed Kader most is the group approach of the project. He observed that through the group approach, many can learn and be aware of important issues and can face difficulties jointly. The local government Assistant Fisheries officer (AFO) from DOF has increased the frequency of his visits to the community as he finds it much more efficient to give demonstrations to the group rather than one on one with individual farmers.

Kader realized that if the group can collect and sell fish collectively they would likely receive higher prices for their product. He shared his idea with his fellow group members and, understanding his point, all agreed with Kader’s idea. For next harvest, they are planning to try and sell the fishes collectively in the market. Accordingly they have already discussed the idea with some local vendors and they are offering them better prices than before.