An ICT service day has been organized by the ICT Champions of the Ag Extension Project for the local farmers of Chowgachha Upazila, Jessore on May 28, 2016.

The voluntary initiative was organized at Bohilapota village of Shorupdah Union under Chowgachha by the Chowgachha ICT Champion team where a total of 7 ICT Champions provided ICT based support to around 60 FPG and non-FPG members (male 54 and female 6).

Shofiqul Islam, farmer leader (FL) of the Bohilapota Chili Group-16, who was elected as the UP Member from Ward No. 03 chaired the event. He thanked all the ICT Champions for such innovative and outstanding initiative to help the farmers. He also thanked the project’s ICT based initiatives and hoped that the project will encourage more such efforts so that the farmers get benefited through these.

A total of 60 ICT data sent through the ICT devices with 50 farmer query system (FQS), 5 crop diagnostic and 5 seed variety recommendations.

The ICT service day created a huge impact and interest among the local farmers who were happy to receive ICT based support from the ICT Champions. The ICT champions too were keen to organize such initiatives in near future to help more farmers through ICT apps.

Project field staff including Rajib Kumar Roy, ICT Officer and Bhupoti Sarkar, ICT Field Coordinator were present at the event.